Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Family Room

Today,  I wanted to share my current project with you.   Besides our kitchen, our family room is the most used room in our home.   And it looks like we've pretty much just moved in.   I don't know why I have waited so long to make this room look finished.    We've been in our home for 18 months!  Where does time go?   My goal is to have this room finished by the end of February.  These next few snow days should help me get there.  

I've manged to decorate the built-ins.  I need something above our TV.  The TV above the fire place isn't exciting at all.  However, this is the only place the cable jack is.   I want to have someone move the jacks to a different wall.   Not sure when this will happen.  

To finish up the space, I plan to do the following

something above the TV
feather sconces on either side of TV
a new console table
a new chair
pillows for the sofa
coffee table

Wow!!  That's quite the list!!  I better get started!

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Thursday, January 23, 2014

The Formal Living Room

I've decided to share a few more rooms of my house over the coming days, even though these rooms aren't 100%.   First on the list, is my formal living room.  This is one of my favorite rooms in our home.   I have a very passionate love affair with navy.   Our formal living room was completely designed around our navy Gordon Tufted Sofa.  The minute I walked into Home Decorators in Alpharetta, my eyes instantly fell to this sofa.   I wasn't in the market for a sofa, but for the price, color, and style it was exactly what I wanted in our formal living room.   The rest of the room has come together so easily.   It's very rare I find what I need on purpose.  When fabrics, furniture, accessories fall into my lap...I just go with it.  As was the case for my peacock upholstered chair.  I found the blue peacock fabric on a lark.   I was actually shopping for another project.  The last major thing to do is make drapes for this room.   I have picked out my fabric, I will talk more about that soon.   For now, please allow me to share one of my favorite rooms  in our home with you.

This secretary is a show stopper.  I wish I could share how exquisite it is over the blog.  I found this in Buford, GA 11 years ago.  We've moved it five times.  It comes apart in three pieces.  The movers always crate it in three separate crates.   I am always an absolute nervous wreck over this piece when we move.  I cannot replace it.   It is not an antique, but handmade.  We have not had any damage to it yet.   The craters and movers are always soooo careful with it.  Trust me, I tip them well for their care and concern.

The piece is a reproduction, and has many secret compartments.

The letter opener was a gift to my husband from a dear friend.  This opener belonged to our friend's father Martin Broussard.   My husband is humbled to call it his own.

The mirror was a Christmas gift from my husband two Christmases ago.   I absolutely adore it. It did take awhile to come in.  My husband couldn't understand why a mirror took so long to ship, and why I wanted a mirror as my Christmas gift.  Once he saw the five foot HUGE box...he laughed.  Now that I think of it, this room holds some of my most prized possessions.  One being the mirror,  the other my secretary and the letter opener. 

The woodwork in the home is so beautiful.  It is painted cream.  The color was a surprise.  Truthfully, I didn't expect it to be cream, I thought it would be white.   Just to refresh your memory, my husband bought this house without me seeing it.   It was still under construction.   Didn't he do a fabulous job?

My love affair with navy extends to peacock feathers.
This vase was purchased eons ago at Real Deals for 5 dollars!!  The Waterford candlesticks were a gift from my mother a few years ago.  

I will be tickled to pieces once I finish up the drapes.   I still need to decide on the actual style.   There is another chair waiting to be reupholstered.  It's been sitting in my garage for awhile.   No fabric for it yet.  Walking past this room is an absolute joy.   Luckily, I do enjoy a book and a martini in here on occasion.  

Walls- Tony Taupe Behr
Trim- Bone White, Duron
Coffee table-no longer available
Secretary-no longer available
Lamps-Hobby Lobby
End tables-Queen of Hearts
Chair--details here
Cigar Chest--my husband's before moi
Accessories collected over the years

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Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Nativity

As a young child, my Mom always went out of her way to make Christmas special for us.   Long before Elf on the Shelf, my Mom would move the figurines of the nativity around the house.  She would share the Christmas story with us and move the Mary and Joseph to different locations.   Baby Jesus made his debut on Christmas morning.  It was one of the first things we would rush to see.   The shepherd and drummer boy would soon follow.  The wise men would arrive on Epiphany.   This is a Christmas tradition I wanted to follow with my own children.  Although for some reason this year, Mary and Joseph keep magically arriving at the stable before I put them there.   Our Nativity, along with the Christmas decorations will remain out till Epiphany.  

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